3 reasons to get into your best shape BEFORE cosmetic surgery

You’ve had your initial consultation and your cosmetic surgery is booked. Now you want to just sit back and wait for the big day – but your surgeon has urged you to get active. Why?

1. Get match fit for surgery.

During a Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad takes a patient’s full medical history before conducting a physical examination. He will then go on to describe the procedure and its potential risks, including that of complications arising when under general anaesthetic. All surgery carries a risk but a patient can reduce this by being in the best physical health possible, specifically having a low BMI and an absence of nicotine in the bloodstream. Mr Ahmad is assisted by a highly qualified and experienced anaesthetist so his patients can feel confident of being in the best hands.

2. Speed up your recovery.

People who are fit tend to bounce back quicker after surgery. By putting in the effort before your cosmetic surgery, you will sooner be back on your feet and better able to enjoy the results. Ahead of your cosmetic surgery, Cambridge surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad will give guidance on how you can help: for example, how smoking can interfere with scar healing, and how drinking plenty of fluids encourages efficient recovery. A cosmetic surgery procedure such as a tummy tuck involves a very lengthy scar and it’s important that it heals as cleanly as possible.

3. Optimise the results.

To get the best results from your cosmetic surgery, you should be at or near your ideal weight. If unattractive loose skin has been tightened in a procedure such as a body lift, losing more weight will be counterproductive: the tautness achieved through surgery will be lost, and so too the illusion that you have shaved off a few years. Conversely, putting on weight will stretch the newly tightened skin; if you go on to lose weight again, the now lax skin will not shrink back down.

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