3 reasons why cosmetic surgery figures have declined

Figures just published by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) appear to suggest cosmetic surgery is not as popular as it has been: the number of surgical operations performed last year decreased by 9% since 2013. It cosmetic surgery going out of fashion or is there something else going on?

1. The 2013 figures were hyper-inflated.

In 2013, the UK figures for cosmetic surgery topped 50,000 for the first time but, as Mr Rajiv Grover, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS spokesman explains, there were some other factors at play: after the PIP crisis of 2012, “a large number of people needed to have implants replaced. So breast augmentation figure went up artificially because of the large number of replacements”. Although down 23% to 8,619 procedures, breast augmentations remain the most popular surgery. Mr Grover also suggested the figures saw a temporary “boom” in 2013 when people began to spend money again after years of saving during a period of austerity.

2. Aesthetic fashions evolve.

Mr Grover also comments that the changes in popularity – both rises and falls – could be a reflection of current trends. In 2014, we “saw men sporting bushy beards and women bushy eyebrows, as well as a number of ‘enhanced’ celebrities downgrade their breast implant sizes”. It seems that people are opting to for more natural-looking, subtle enhancements rather than more invasive, dramatic alterations.

3. Cosmetic surgery candidates are better informed.

As a BAAPS member, Cambridge surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad encourages all prospective patients to take informed, unhurried and realistic cosmetic surgery decisions. BAAPS is the only professional organisation solely dedicated to safety and education in cosmetic surgery and its president, Michael Cadier, therefore considers these less inflated figures “a triumph”, reflecting that patients “are doing their research, taking their time”.

To become more informed about cosmetic surgery, book a Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation with Mr Tariq Ahmad by calling 01223 214 960.

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