3 Steps to Safe Cosmetic Surgery

For most people, their decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a positive, life-enhancing decision that has an excellent impact on their self-confidence and general outlook on life. However, it is crucial that your cosmetic surgery procedure is the right procedure for you, performed at the right time and by the right practitioner.

Cambridge cosmetic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad gives his cosmetic surgery patients both the benefit of his many years’ experience in terms of choosing the right procedure to realise their expectations, but he is also very skilled at advising them on how best to mentally and physically prepare for making this important surgery.

Below are some of the steps you should follow to ensure you’re getting the best from your Cambridge cosmetic surgery experience:

1 Make sure it’s your own decision

You are the only person that should be making this decision. It’s your body and your appearance and if you have any concerns then seeking help, advice or reassurance, is a good thing, but you should never be pressurised into seeking cosmetic surgery by anyone else. Mr Tariq Ahmad only offers unbiased advice during the lengthy consultations he offers his Cambridge cosmetic surgery patients and you are under no obligation to go forward with cosmetic surgery after the consultation.

2 Feel comfortable with your surgeon

You and your surgeon should have a relationship based on trust and good communication. You should feel comfortable enough to be able to express your concerns and expectations from surgery and to feel that your surgeon has taken them on board.

As well as feeling comfortable with your surgeon, you should also check their experience and credentials. Membership of the UK’s leading independent plastic surgery organisations can be a good indication or if they hold a consultant position as a plastic surgeon in the NHS.

3 Timing is key

Mr Tariq Ahmad believes that deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery when you are going through a period of stress can have negative implications on the health and well being of the patient. That includes moving house, changing or losing a job, losing a loved one, having recently had children and the break up of a relationship.

Overall, you should never feel pressurised into making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery, which also includes your surgeon. Cambridge cosmetic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad always advises patients to beware a surgeon who may suggest an alteration that you previously were unconcerned about before.

Take your time to think of all the implications and, if at any point, you need more advice, a reputable cosmetic surgeon such as Mr Tariq Ahmad will always make time for his Cambridge cosmetic surgery patients to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

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