4 final checks before proceeding with cosmetic surgery

You’ve had your consultation, agreed on a cosmetic surgery plan and you’re booked in, but before you can fully relax and look ahead to enjoying the results, do you know everything you need to know? Here is a final checklist to help find peace of mind.

1. Do you know what is included in the price?

It is imperative that you are fully aware of what is – and, crucially, what is not – included in the price you have been quoted. Are there any hidden costs? With regard to aftercare, are the follow-up appointments included? What about if there are complications and you require unforeseen medical treatment? And what about your chosen surgeon’s revision policy: if you are dissatisfied with the results, who bears the cost of further cosmetic surgery?

2. Where will the cosmetic surgery be performed?

You should have met your surgeon at your consultation and will no doubt have checked out their qualifications, experience and patient satisfaction record, but what of the clinic where the procedure will take place? As a member of BAAPS, Mr Tariq Ahmad is committed to operating only in reputable clinics; indeed, the Nuffield and the Spires are Cambridge’s top private hospitals and there he has the support of a highly trained and experience team.


3. Are you able to take time out?

At your cosmetic surgery consultation, your surgeon will advise you on what recovery time you should expect to need. Are you able to take that time off work or your other duties? Do you have help lined up?

4. Are you and your cosmetic surgeon on the same page?

It is vital that there is honesty between patient and surgeon and that their aims are what you are expecting the outcome to be. Have you had a conversation about realistic objectives? During your cosmetic surgery consultation, Cambridge-based Mr Ahmad will always discuss your goals and offer candid guidance on how best to achieve them.

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