4 reasons to get fit for cosmetic surgery

4 reasons to get fit for cosmetic surgery

4 reasons to improve your fitness for cosmetic surgeryIt is not uncommon to hear cosmetic surgery candidates say, ‘after my procedure, I’m going to improve my fitness and take good care of myself.’

Maintaining a stable weight and making sensible lifestyles choices with regards to sun exposure, alcohol and nicotine are all good ways of preserving the aesthetic results of your cosmetic surgery – but there is an argument for adopting these even before your surgery. Here are 4 reasons not to put it off any longer.

1. The fitter you are, the easier your body will find surgery

Being in good health means that the risk of complication while under anaesthetic is reduced. During your Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will take your full medical history as well as conducting a physical examination. When assessing your suitability for surgery, he will take your physical health into consideration. Medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes may be problematic, but so too can being overweight or smoking.

2. The fitter you are, the sooner you will recover

Those who are in good shape tend to bounce back quicker after their cosmetic surgery. Get active ahead of time to build up your endurance.

3. Fitness will help achieve longer lasting results

Mr Ahmad is frequently asked by his Cambridge patients how best they can preserve the results of their cosmetic surgery. One of the top answers is to maintain a stable weight as fluctuations undermine the work done to tighten and sculpt – so get fit ahead of the big day.

4. Fitness helps the whole picture

By embracing a healthy and fit lifestyle you reduce the impact of stress on your physical health. And by reducing consumption of alcohol, nicotine and unhealthy food, you remove some of those factors that can drag you down.

Cosmetic surgery can produce fabulous results but the process can, for some, be arduous; feeling mentally strong and full of vitality will help you enjoy the finished results sooner.

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