5 cosmetic surgery myths debunked

1. Everyone can tell you’ve had cosmetic surgery

By choosing a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon, someone who has an eye for natural beauty and the skill with which to enhance it, you can have surgery that is discreet but thoroughly effective. The goal of a responsible cosmetic surgeon is to augment rather than change. Cambridge-based Mr Tariq Ahmad has a long list of patients who are delighted with their natural-looking results.

2. Any improvements will be undermined by scars

It is not possible to have surgical incisions without having scars but the more skilled the surgeon, the finer the scar can be. Your cosmetic surgeon can advise you what you can do to reduce the appearance of scars after surgery. Additionally, incisions are sited discreetly where possible so they can be concealed: for example, in the hairline, under the breast, below the bikini line.

3. You will never be able to sunbathe again

You will be advised to keep your incision scar covered up when in the sun for a year after surgery to avoid the tissue burning and darkening permanently but this is the only specific advice. Otherwise, a doctor’s advice will be the same to those who have had cosmetic surgery and those who haven’t: sun damage is ageing and by limiting exposure you will be doing your skin a kindness.

4. Cosmetic surgery will solve all your problems

Cosmetic procedures can certainly boost self-confidence and have a transforming effect on many people’s lives. However, you need to be clear on why you are having surgery and be aware of the limitations. During your Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will ask about your motivations and only proceed if you are realistic in your expectations.

5. Cosmetic surgery is only for women

Male patients accounted for 10% of the cosmetic surgery performed in 2013 with rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery being the most popular.

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