5 reasons you know a cosmetic surgeon is right for you

Once you’ve made that momentous decision to have cosmetic surgery, the next biggest challenge is finding the right cosmetic surgeon for the job. There are certain regulatory standards they should meet but it’s not just letters after a surgeon’s name that gives confidence. Here are five additional criteria for your checklist to ensure you’re happy with your choice:

1. A professional practice?

You’ve made appointments and been for your cosmetic surgery consultation. Did you get a good feel for the set up? Were the surgeon and their support staff both welcoming and efficient?

2. Confident of their expertise?

Check up on your surgeon’s qualifications and trainings, but also on their experience of a particular procedure. Do they sound like an expert in their field? Do the before and after photos they show you act as a testament to that?

3. A good listener?

During the consultation, did you feel that your surgeon took on board your objectives and concerns? When they discussed the surgical plan, did it sound tailored to you rather than a one-procedure-fits-all approach?

4. Do you have a good rapport?

It’s important to feel comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon. You may feel nervous as you prepare for surgery, and sensitive and vulnerable in the immediate aftermath; is their bedside manner reassuring?

5. Can you trust them to be honest?

Does your instinct tell you that your surgeon is putting your interests first, and that they’ve been candid about the limitations of surgery? Would they tell you if the risks outweigh the benefits, or if the improvements will be so marginal that it’s not worth having cosmetic surgery?

In the view of Cambridge-based cosmetic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad, the importance of the consultation cannot be emphasised enough: establishing an open communication between surgeon and patient is vital to patient satisfaction. For this reason, his Cambridge cosmetic surgery clinics are unhurried and unpressurised sessions, with plenty of opportunity for questions.

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