Should I have my breast augmentation abroad of at home?

Should I have my breast augmentation abroad of at home?

Should I have breast augmentation abroad?The increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery is reflected by the number of providers, both in the UK and abroad. Travelling abroad for treatment is not arduous logistically as it perhaps was before the Internet – information is readily available and there are many forums on which to share experiences about breast augmentation abroad.

So just what are the reasons to travel abroad for a breast augmentation – and what are the reasons to stay closer to home?

The benefits of having breast augmentation abroad

Visions of combining a breast augmentation with a spell in the sunshine are a key draw to choosing a foreign cosmetic surgery clinic.

Additionally, the prices offered by clinics abroad do, at first, appear to be competitive, but do make sure you have the full picture: are there hidden accommodation costs and who picks up the bill if something goes wrong on your return home from having breast augmentation abroad?

The benefits of a breast augmentation in the UK

While the breast augmentation procedure is the most popular of cosmetic surgeries globally and it is relatively straightforward with largely predictable results, undergoing surgery is no small deal for your body. Therefore, you want to know you are in the best hands, especially if complications arise.

The key benefit to choosing a clinic in the UK is that you can be confident that your surgeon and his team are not only highly qualified but highly regulated – BAAPS members such as Cambridge surgeon Mr Ahmad only operate in the best clinics and keep their training up to the minute; the disadvantage of being abroad is that it may not be as easy to navigate your way through an unfamiliar system of qualifications and regulations.

Furthermore, when you have a Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, you will meet Mr Tariq Ahmad at the very start; if you travel abroad, it is likely you will meet a UK rep at your initial consultation so miss the opportunity to run your own credentials check.

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