Breast reduction surgery pays off for TV presenter

Breast reduction surgery pays off for TV presenter

Gail Porter has talked about her breast reduction surgeryThe recent news story about Gail Porter’s difficulty with her 28J breasts – and her decision to undertake breast reduction surgery – pretty much said it all for us.

While society’s general opinions about breast size might be ‘the bigger the better’, we know that doesn’t generally apply, particularly as we mature, and what may be considered an asset in our early adult years can become a physical and psychological burden as time goes on.

Singled out

In Gail’s case, her issues began as early as nine years old, as she stood out as the first girl in her school to start developing and was immediately singled out for attention.

“I was aware I was different and developing earlier than the other girls,” she said in the Channel 5 show Celebrity Botched Up Bodies. “In PE they all wore vests and I wore a bra. People would ping my bra and call me names, so I was kind of a laughing stock.”

‘They are like sandbags’

Even when she reached her twenties and became one of the most successful British models of the Nineties, she was still desperate to reduce the size of her breasts, starving herself to the point of anorexia.

Now in her mid-forties, she has experienced all of the problems of oversized breasts. “They are like sandbags. I am exhausted and my back is getting more curved. Exercise is a nightmare. I love my running but I am knackered by the time I get back and not just from running but from the weight”

The wonders of breast reduction surgery

After a visit to a London cosmetic surgeon, however, she’s had her breasts reduced to a C cup – and she’s delighted with the results.

“My confidence has gone through the roof, I can sit up straight and I can wear dresses and tops without looking pregnant.” She said afterwards.

We congratulate her for taking the decision to boost her self-confidence, and demonstrating the benefits of breast reduction surgery.

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