Cambridge plastic surgeon on local news

Earlier this week, Cambridge plastic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad appeared on Anglia News, in a piece on cleft palates. As well as his busy private practice, Mr Tariq Ahmad is one of the leading facial plastic surgeons working at the NHSAddenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge that treats all babies born with cleft palates in the East of England.

This year the Cleft Lip and Palate Association, which supports and helps 22,000 members across the UK, is marking its 35th anniversary. Anglia News interviewed the parents of Tom Murfitt, born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, who has already had three major operations at Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s hospital, before he has even reached his second birthday.

Mr Tariq Ahmad, who performs many cleft lip and palate surgeries at the Addenbrooke’s hospital in the Cambridge, was interviewed about the possible causes of this condition:

Most of the time it’s just one of those things like being born with more prominent ears, it’s just variations you might see from time to time. But if you think of it broadly, it’s a mixture of both your family, your genes, the genetics and the environment. We know you can get identical twins that have the same genes, with one person having a cleft and one not. So you know it’s not entirely genetic.

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