Can a breast augmentation help my post-baby boobs?

A significant number of women presenting at Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge breast augmentation clinic are there because they are dissatisfied with their new breast shape. They miss the body confidence they had before pregnancy and breastfeeding left them with drooping breasts. In some cases, the nipples and areola change markedly too, getting darker or misshapen. The big question often asked is ‘can I have my old breasts back?’

How will a breast augmentation improve my shape?

A breast augmentation is an effective way of lifting the breast to sit higher on the chest, restoring lost volume and removing excess skin that has been stretched. During your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will take your medical history and ask you about your goals. He will then conduct a physical examination, assessing your frame, muscle condition and skin laxity. Mr Ahmad can then offer guidance on how best to achieve your desired results, advising on which shape and size of implant would be most appropriate. The popular teardrop implant offers a very natural look, with more volume in the lower pole and a gentle slope on the upper.

Is there an alternative to implants?

While they are drawn to the uplifted results of a breast augmentation, some women feel uncomfortable about the idea of having implants and are keen to find out if there is a way of tackling the sagginess without augmentation. It may be that a breast lift – or mastopexy – is the more appropriate procedure where the excess skin is cut away, allowing your surgeon to lift and reshape the breast. Mr Tariq Ahmad, a highly qualified and experienced surgeon, tailors a surgical plan to each individual patient according to their goals and their frame; in so doing, he has helped many women regain attractive and shapely breasts about which they feel proud and confident.

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