Children are the most Amazing gift

Children are the most Amazing gift

It is a cliché but it’s so true, my children amaze me every day.

However… for some women childbirth can really impact on the appearance of the bust and tummy.

Have you suffered with sagging, loss of volume and stretch marks in the bust? Does the tummy bulge out now or are there lots of wrinkles, too much skin? Yes, of course breast feeding is known to be really good for your baby; diet and exercise is going to be good for your health and fitness, but for some there can be a price to pay not only in the bust but also the abdomen.

If you are still concerned about the appearance, perhaps I can help. When patients come to me for advice, I would never suggest surgery as a first line choice, I look on my role as being there to educate, to inform patients about all of their options. I try to find out and then tell patients what could be done, individualised for their particular concerns and physical status, so that then they will be able to make an informed choice, but importantly in their own time, of their own volition.

For the right person, surgery can be life changing and I do find it so rewarding when I see the patient coming to see me after their treatment with a spring in their step, improved posture and a big smile.

I trained for a long time to gain the experience to be able help people well, to provide honest, comprehensive advice. If you would like to be better informed about your options, why not give the Clinic a call?

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