Choosing your plastic surgeon

Cosmetic surgery can be a life-enhancing, empowering decision and the majority of cosmetic surgery patients are very satisfied with the procedure. However, the most important choice you can make to ensure that you are pleased with the final cosmetic surgery results, is in your choice of plastic surgeon.

How to find out more about your plastic surgeon?

If you are thinking of undergoing plastic surgeon in the Cambridge area, then a local surgeon is often advisable. Complications and risks from plastic surgeon are relatively rare, but if they were to occur then being physically distant from your plastic surgeon could mean that the results are compromised.

Your GP can often be a good place to start when trying to find a good local plastic surgeon. However, another invaluable source of advice can be the independent plastic surgery bodies, such as BAAPS and BAPRAS. Mr Tariq Ahmad is a member of all the leading plastic surgery bodies.

Mr Tariq Ahmad is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in the NHS and he also has his private practices at the top private hospitals in the Cambridge and Peterborough area. All hospitals have high standards of safety and care and the medical teams that Mr Ahmad works with are all highly skilled and qualified.

Why would your plastic surgeon refuse to perform surgery?

A plastic surgeon such as Mr Tariq Ahmad will often turn away a patient who they do not feel has realistic expectations from the procedure or are making the decision to undergo the procedure for the wrong reasons. If it is the latter, then Mr Tariq Ahmad will often send the patient away, armed with all the necessary information on the plastic surgery procedure, to really consider the implications or to wait until they are a more appropriate point in their life.

It is a case of unrealistic expectations, then Mr Tariq Ahmad would not feel it is correct to offer that procedure because his concern would be that the Cambridge patient would not be satisfied with the results, however good they were.

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