Coming soon: print your own nose?

Coming soon: print your own nose?

rhinoplasty in CambridgeWe’re always keeping an eye on new technological developments in the world of cosmetic surgery, so this article – about the possibility of 3D printers being used in rhinoplasty operations (nose jobs) – really captured our interest.

The 3D printer has been around for a few years now, but it’s the beauty industry that has really cottoned on early to its possibilities.

There’s already a lot of interest in the creation of new and animal-friendly textures for make-up brushes, one company in Japan is already printing out incredibly realistic strands of hair, and another in Italy is using the technology to create millimetre-perfect membranes of scalps for hairpieces.

Could a cartridge create cartilage?

Things haven’t got that advanced in the world of rhinoplasty, but the article points us towards the first step: the ability to print out a 3D blueprint of a client’s ‘new’ nose, giving them the chance to see and touch what they’re after on the facial front.

In short, it gives clients the chance to see a Before and After image long before the procedure has begun, which in turn allows you to make any minor adjustments you like to ensure you end up with the perfect nose.

Expect to pay through the nose

Obviously, there’s a catch or two: while the printers can kick out a perfect facsimile of what the client is after, it’s then down to the surgeon to recreate it in real life – which depends entirely on the skill of a (albeit highly-trained) human being.

And it goes without saying that asking to see and touch a 3D printout of the nose of your dreams adds a chunk of change onto your final bill – up to $400 at present (the service is as yet not available in the UK).

However, we all know that technologies get cheaper and better as time goes on, and it’s leaving us wondering where it’ll all end. Will we be able to print out sheets of realistic-feeling skin in the near future? Who knows?

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