Common misconceptions about Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge

Although cosmetic surgery seems to have become an accepted aspect of modern life in the UK, there are still many misconceptions that abound. Mr Tariq Ahmad finds many patients arrive at their consultation with many of these mistaken ideas firmly entrenched.

It is partly for this reason, that Cambridge-based plastic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad offers a full and thorough consultation; to ensure that the patient has had all their questions answered and he has cleared up any misconceptions before they make the decision to go ahead.

Are cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery one and the same?

A question that Mr Ahmad often encounters is what is the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is one of the main surgeon specialities and plastic surgeons operate on the face and body, providing reconstructive work on victims of burns and trauma. Cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery refers to elective surgical procedures that aim to enhance and augment the face, body or breasts.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery then you should seek a plastic surgeon, such as Mr Tariq Ahmad, who is on the GMC specialist register for plastic surgery and are a consultant-level plastic surgeon within the NHS.

The title ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ is not officially recognised, so if you are considering embarking on a procedure with a Cosmetic Surgeon, that they have the necessary training as well as the skills and techniques to carry out the procedure you are considering.

Botox freezes facial muscles is a common myth

Another common myth is that the Botox, which is used for cosmetic purposes, will freeze the muscles on the face. The truth is that the Botox is a toxin that causes temporary paralysis of the dynamic muscles. A plastic surgeon such as Mr Tariq Ahmad is highly experienced in aesthetic Botox treatments and can produce a beautiful and natural result and not the frozen face of media myth.

The uses of Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge

There are several uses of cosmetic surgery in Cambridge. The cosmetic surgery procedures offered by Cambridge plastic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad are aimed at enhancing the face and body and can have a truly transforming effect on a patient’s self esteem and confidence.

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