Cosmetic Surgery Recovery: 5 Steps

Cambridge cosmetic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad often gets asked by his patients on how to optimise their cosmetic surgery recovery. Here he outlines some simple steps for both before and after the big op which can help aid your recovery.

Cosmetic Surgery Step One: Plan Your Healing in Advance

Prior to having surgery, get yourself in the best shape possible, by following a sensible eating programme, exercising and improving your cardiovascular capabilities and resting when necessary. This will all ensure you are in the best physical and mental condition possible to cope with the rigours of surgery.

Mr Tariq Ahmad also gives his Cambridge cosmetic surgery patients comprehensive guidelines on what medications to avoid before a surgical procedure. Aspirins or anti-inflammatory medicines can affect the healing process.

Cosmetic Surgery Step Two: Quit Smoking

The most important thing you can do to aid your cosmetic surgery recovery post-procedure is to give up the cigarettes pre-procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery Step Three: Protect Your Wound

Keep the area which has been operated on out of direct sunlight as that can affect wound healing. Mr Tariq Ahmad also advises his Cambridge cosmetic surgery patients to wear a high factor sunscreen – the sun is incredibly damaging of the skin so you don’t want to ruin all your good work.

Cosmetic Surgery Step Four: Care for the Mind and Body

Depression can be an issue after cosmetic surgery and there are many reasons for that. This can include the natural comedown that occurs after the build up of anticipation and stress that occurs in advance of surgery.

The anaesthetic and medications coupled with the physical impact of surgery can all translate into mental stress.

The best advice Mr Tariq Ahmad gives his Cambridge cosmetic surgery patients is to expect this downtime and prepare to take care of yourself both mentally and physically after surgery for a lengthy period of time.

Cosmetic Surgery Step Five: Ask for Help

The best way to prepare for the aftermath of any cosmetic surgery procedure is to ask friends and family to help look after you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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