Am I expecting too much of my breast augmentation?

Am I expecting too much of my breast augmentation?

Have breast augmentation for the right reasonsA breast augmentation can, in the right hands, produce attractive results, but to what extent it fulfils your expectations will depend on how realistic these are.

During a Cambridge breast augmentation consultation with Mr Tariq Ahmad, you will discuss your motivations, objectives and expectations; Mr Ahmad believes, as does any reputable surgeon, that a happy outcome is the more likely if the patient sets achievable goals in the first place.

So how can you feel sure your expectations and the realistic outcomes are aligned before the day of surgery?

Choose a breast augmentation surgeon you trust

As well as choosing someone who is trained to the highest degree and whose skills have been recognised by previous patients and by their peers, you need to find a surgeon with whom you enjoy a good rapport.

Will they be honest with you – or promise you the moon on a stick? Ask to see before-and-after photos of previous breast augmentations, particularly with patients who have a similar frame.

Mr Ahmad gives candid feedback to his Cambridge patients, advising them on how best to achieve their goals, and giving clear indications on what they can expect.

Ask yourself some difficult questions

The decision to have cosmetic surgery should never be taken lightly.

Before you make up your mind, do some soul-searching:

  • Do you understand what your reasons are for having a breast augmentation?
  • What changes are you hoping it will effect?
  • Do you know what is involved and the potential risks and complications?
  • Are you having a breast augmentation for yourself or to please someone else?

Thinking these matters through at the planning stage will help you to make a decision about breast augmentation with confidence, and to be realistic about what you can expect of the whole process and, importantly, the final aesthetic results.

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