Gwyneth Paltrow gives CoolSculpting her seal of approval

Gwyneth Paltrow gives CoolSculpting her seal of approval

Goop promotes CoolSculpting fat freezingDescribing it as “the device that started it all”, CoolSculpting was one of the groundbreaking fat-zapping devices covered in Gywneth Paltrow’s goop newsletter.

Goop is Gwyneth’s weekly newsletter and website that rounds up fashion, fitness and beauty treatments and it prides itself on only choosing gold standard products to write about. The newsletter explained that CoolSculpting freezes areas of fat beneath the skin, leaving the top layer untouched. Explaining that it is the device that all other technologies are compared with, the writers also pointed out that CoolSculpting is continually innovating and improving, shortening treatment times substantially.

Leading New York dermatologist Dr Anolik of the Laser and Skin Surgery Center reviewed all the fat reduction treatments available and commented: “For a flat stomach, or for love handles, you can really get substantial changes with CoolSculpting.” He praised the recent improvements that allowed treatment of multiple sites at once. “Think of love handles, for instance. You used to have to do two separate treatments, each an hour long, and now you can do them both in 35 minutes.”

Regular goop contributor Dr Anolik also pointed out that these fat freezing treatments had allowed him to successfully tackle a problem area that has always been typically challenging to treat. “Almost two-thirds of the people I see are bothered by a double chin, and there was never any option for the. The response rate for CoolSculpting is pretty great for the double chin so far.” Also compared to other procedures available, CoolSculpting entails less downtime and soreness.

Mr Tariq Ahmad is a leading plastic surgeon that perform the full range of body contouring procedures, such as a body lift, arm reduction or tummy tuck. He has been searching for many years for a minimally invasive fat reduction procedure that he could be confident offered safe, effective and predictable results for his patients and CoolSculpting finally delivers. For more information or to arrange a consultation at his Cambridge CoolSculpting clinic, call 01223 214960.

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