How long will the results of my breast augmentation last?

How long will the results of my breast augmentation last?

clock-1060458_960_720A breast augmentation is a relatively uncomplicated procedure with predictable, attractive results – and that’s why nearly 10,000 women chose to have one in the UK last year. In the care of an experienced clinic and surgeon, the entire process is generally straightforward – but that’s not to say it does not require a physical and emotional investment, and not forgetting the financial input, too.

It is therefore not unusual for patients presenting at Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge breast augmentation clinic to ask about the longevity of their implants…

Will I have to go through all this again in 10 years’ time?

The technology behind breast implants is continually evolving and the quality and durability is the best it has been. While some authorities recommend replacing implants after 10 years, Mr Ahmad places them with a view to them lasting a lifetime and only anticipates replacing them should a specific problem arise.

During your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, Mr Ahmad will be pleased to talk you through the range of implants he prefers, explaining their benefits – and the potential risks, too. Many implants now come with guarantees of longevity or against rupture and contracture.

Can I do anything to preserve the results of my breast augmentation?

After your surgery you will be given comprehensive instructions on aftercare, including: activities and movements to avoid; the benefits of wearing a compression garment; avoiding nicotine as it slows down wound recovery; and how to promote healthy healing of scars.

Following this guidance will set you off on the best path after your breast augmentation. Looking ahead, taking care of your skin in the sun to help retain its elastic condition, and avoiding fluctuations in weight will help you enjoy the optimal results for longer.

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