I can’t make up my mind about having a breast augmentation…

A breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK with many thousands of women each year choosing to improve the contours of their bust. For some, the motivation is a memory of the cleavage they enjoyed before having children. For others, it is a resolution not to continue to put up with the very small breasts they have long despised. When Mr Tariq Ahmad sees patients in his Cambridge breast augmentation clinic, they usually speak with conviction about their desire to have surgery; some women, however, will express doubt over whether it is for them, and ask how they can know for sure. For those facing such a dilemma, here are some tips:

1. If you feel under any pressure, walk away.

Any cosmetic surgery decision must be entirely yours and made freely and confidently. A reputable surgeon will exert no pressure or hurry you into making a commitment.

2. Have an honest chat with yourself.

Ask yourself why you want a breast augmentation and what impact you feel it will have on your life. Mr Tariq Ahmad, a highly trained cosmetic surgeon with many years’ experience of breast augmentations, emphasises to his Cambridge patients that understanding the limitations of surgery is important. Those with realistic expectations are more satisfied with the outcome.

3. Know what is involved.

If you understand what happens during the procedure, are aware of the potential risks and complications, and have a clear idea of both recovery and results, then you can make an informed decision.

4. Do you have a good rapport with your surgeon?

In experienced hands, a breast augmentation can produce beautiful and natural looking results, and give self-esteem a welcome boost, too. Being in the care of someone whose judgement you trust, and in whose skill you are confident, will help you towards a positive decision about whether breast augmentation surgery is for you.

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