I’m a professional singer, will rhinoplasty affect my voice?

I’m a professional singer, will rhinoplasty affect my voice?

I'm a professional singer, will rhinoplasty affect my voice?Undergoing any kind of surgical procedure that has the potential to affect the voice is always going to be a cause of some concern to professional singers, and rhinoplasty is no exception. You should be reassured though that any good aesthetic surgeon will be focused on minimising any side effects, particularly medical complications. Clearly if your career is dependent on your voice this will form a key part of any discussions in the initial consultation.

Risk of permanent change is small

Generally, the consensus amongst most professionals in this area is that the risk of the voice being changed detrimentally from rhinoplasty is small. It may even be possible to improve resonation and tonality if your voice has a nasal quality currently.

The biggest risk probably comes from intubation, where a breathing tube is placed past the vocal cords for the patient’s safety during the procedure. There is theoretically the possibility of some damage at this point if the tube isn’t introduced with care, but consultant anaesthetists are highly trained and experienced in this technique so the risk is minimal.

Expect a temporary change during recovery from rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure carried out under anaesthetic and will require an overnight stay in hospital so there will be some bruising and swelling during the first few weeks of the recovery period. It’s at this time that your voice may change its characteristics although there should be no need to be alarmed. It’s perfectly normal for the swelling and increased mucous to cause congestion and a temporary change to your voice. Normal service should be resumed within a month though.

If you are concerned about a permanent change, no matter how small then you could speak to the rhinoplasty surgeon (maybe more than one to get a second opinion), a laryngologist and your voice coach (if you have one) before making the decision. It is worth considering that Barabara Streisand and Dean Martin both had rhinoplasty and it certainly didn’t have a negative effect on their singing careers.

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