Learning from the greats

As part of the process of revalidation by the GMC, plastic surgeons are required to maintain their education and training with a view to improving standards in their medical practice, a process known as Continuing Professional Development. To that end, every year I attend lectures, training sessions and conferences in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetics, held both in the UK and across the world. Last week I had the privilege of attending probably the most outstanding conference so far and it was in Coventry of all places.

Tariq at Masterclass in Aesthetic Face Surgery
Helping to teach with some of the teaching faculty and helpers at the conference.

Dubbed a ‘Masterclass in Aesthetic Surgery of the Face’, it more than fulfilled its title, bringing together the true greats from around the world. World-class surgeons from Australia and the USA discussed facelifting techniques and leading plastic surgeons from Egypt and Germany focused on the rhinoplasty procedure.

However, what set this conference apart was that, as well as lectures, it also featured cadaver dissections. I was asked to assist Dr Bahman Guyuron, an internationally recognised plastic surgeon from the US. This was a fantastic opportunity to see his facelift techniques put into action and I learnt so much from watching him at work. Dr Guyuron has done thousands of procedures over the years, constantly developing and innovating new techniques and is a plastic surgery hero of mine, so it was an honour to work with him; even more so when he said that I made him look good.

Tariq with leading US plastic surgeon
With leading US plastic surgeon, Bahman Guyuron, at the conference.


For my own Cambridge cosmetic surgery practice, it was satisfying to know that, even though there is always the opportunity to learn and refine, I am on the right track compared to the world’s leading plastic surgeons.

This year I attended as a student, but next year I have been invited to be on the faculty for the Coventry conference; a great honour and an opportunity to work even closer with these wonderful surgeons.

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