How much time out do I need after my rhinoplasty?

How much time out do I need after my rhinoplasty?

What is recovery like after rhinoplasty in Cambridge?When patients presenting at Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge rhinoplasty clinic ask what they can do to aid a swift recovery following surgery, he gives a clear schedule of recovery, offers advice on effective healing – and then emphasises the importance of giving yourself time to heal. So how long a journey should you expect it to be?

What is the immediate recovery like after a rhinoplasty?

Most rhinoplasty patients will take a fortnight off work to recover from the surgery itself and you should expect to feel groggy, tender and a little swollen in the first few days.

Mr Ahmad advises that you will be able to resume most normal activities after a week or two although you should avoid exercise for the initial six weeks post-op. It will, however, be many months more before the nose has settled into its new shape.

What occurs after the initial fortnight?

To the general public, you probably won’t look as though you have recently had a nose job – but, when you look in the mirror, you are likely to think it looks swollen or puffy for 3–4 months.

It is best to time your rhinoplasty for when you have no big social engagements on the horizon, thereby minimizing the stress about looking ‘right’ for the big event.

The swelling will persist for a while, especially in the tip and over an area from which a boney lump was removed; it is not uncommon for patients to worry that they have gained a permanent bump.

However, as Mr Ahmad explains to his Cambridge patients as they consider having a rhinoplasty, patience is required – and it can take many months to settle. The nose may even continue to make subtle improvements for up to 18 months.

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