My cosmetic surgery is booked – but now I’m having my doubts…

unsureYou’ve made the momentous decision to have cosmetic surgery, done your research, found a surgeon, had your consultation and booked the date. But now you’re having second thoughts… So what do you do?

Being happy with your decision is paramount

In the first instance, talk through your concerns with your cosmetic surgeon as having more information may be all you need to take this step happily and confidently.

During your initial Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation with Mr Tariq Ahmad, you will have spent time discussing your motivations for surgery and what you hope to achieve.

Mr Ahmad explains to all his patients that surgery has its limitations and that being realistic in your expectations will lead to a happier result. He, and indeed any reputable surgeon, will want to feel sure that a patient is making cosmetic surgery decisions for the right reasons and that they are comfortable with the process; to this end, he encourages patients to ask many questions and ensures the consultation is unhurried and unpressurised.

You should not have been rushed into making any decisions; if you sense any pressure being exerted on you to commit, it would be advisable to seek a different provider.

You can always change your mind

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), a prestigious professional body of which Cambridge surgeon Mr Ahmad is a member, advises that you have the option to cancel right up until you go to sleep for your surgery.

No reputable surgeon wants to perform cosmetic surgery on a reluctant patient and should not impose financial penalties for cancellations. In new guidelines to be introduced in June 2016 by the GMC, all cosmetic surgery providers must offer two-week cooling off periods to give patients the freedom to back out if they have a change of heart.

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