My friends tell me NOT to have a rhinoplasty…

For anyone considering nose reshaping surgery, it is imperative to feel both happy in the decision and to be realistic about the changes surgery can effect. To this end, Cambridge rhinoplasty surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad devotes time in the initial consultation to discuss a patient’s motivations and expectations, ensuring they feel confident about the process and are making a free choice. It is not uncommon, however, for Mr Ahmad to hear his patients say that they are certain a rhinoplasty is for them, but they are under pressure from friends or family to forget the idea.

Double check your decision-making process

While you may rather your friends offered their unconditional support, they are probably concerned that you may come to regret your choice. Take this cue to run through some crucial questions to check that your decision is an informed and rational one. Do you understand what is involved in the procedure and how you will feel afterwards? Are you aware of the potential risks and complications? Have you been honest with yourself about the limitations of surgery or are you expecting your rhinoplasty to work many miracles? Have you done your research and found a surgeon whose judgement and skill you trust?

Now talk your friends through it

When planning your rhinoplasty, Cambridge surgeon Mr Ahmad will tell you that having practical and emotional support is very helpful – especially during the recovery. So, if, after some soul searching, you are still confident that your choice is right for you, then share this with your friends. As they hear you describe how your current profile impacts on your life, how you are in possession of the facts about the procedure itself and fully aware of the risks, and how it is not a decision you have made blindly or rashly, they will hopefully feel more able to support you along your rhinoplasty journey.

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