Three reasons to have cosmetic surgery in the UK

There are many tempting deals on the market that offer cosmetic surgery combined with a holiday abroad, all at a seemingly competitive price. Before you think about travelling overseas for treatment, consider these points about choosing surgery in the UK.

1. You will meet your cosmetic surgeon before making a financial commitment

Choosing a clinic in the UK means access to your surgeon beforehand – a vital part of a reputable clinic’s service. Mr Tariq Ahmad sees his potential patients personally in his Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultations at least once before the surgery itself where every aspect of surgery is discussed at length. Patients who seek treatment abroad may meet a sales rep in the UK; once they have met their surgeon, they are financially committed and are in the foreign country. It is useful to have a bit of time to think after meeting the surgeon who will carry out the procedure; cosmetic surgery is a big step so you must not feel obliged or pressurised into going ahead.

2. You can check your cosmetic surgeon is fully qualified

In the UK, the GMC has a Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons. You can be confident that a surgeon who is on this register is fully qualified; additionally, members of BAAPS commit to training that keeps their skills up to date, operate in reputable clinics (such as Cambridge’s top private hospitals) and submit an annual safety audit. If you travel abroad for surgery, you will have to find out about that country’s standards and regulations.

3. You have access to aftercare

Should complications arise after a cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK, the surgeon has a duty of care to their patient to provide follow-up treatment. The overseas clinic may have someone in the UK who offers aftercare in the event of a problem but it is not a given.

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