Three things that make you a suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery

The purpose of the Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation is to ascertain whether this is the right path for you. Here are three things that Mr Tariq Ahmad looks for in the ideal candidate.

1. Have you done your cosmetic surgery research?

Cosmetic surgery is not something to be had on a whim. Mr Tariq Ahmad has a long list of patients who are thrilled with the results of their cosmetic surgery, but every procedure involves an element of risk, a financial investment and has a permanent effect on your body. You need to understand the journey on which you are about to embark. Mr Ahmad finds that those patients who have researched the procedure before their cosmetic surgery consultation, and come with a list of prepared questions, get a lot more out of the session.

2. Are your cosmetic surgery goals realistic?

If you are expecting cosmetic surgery to change your life completely, then you need to think some more. In your consultation, Cambridge-based Mr Tariq Ahmad will ask you to describe what you don’t like about your face or body, and what you hope to achieve from surgery. With his years of surgical experience and artistic eye, Mr Tariq Ahmad will analyse your features and tailor a cosmetic surgery plan to get you as close to your goal as possible – and you will have a candid discussion about what is indeed achievable.

3. How well will you care for yourself?

Cosmetic surgery is not a quick fix, and preparation and aftercare all play a part. Smoking greatly increases the risk of complications during surgery and it is crucial that you abstain from all nicotine products in the perioperative period; are you prepared to do this? Or to keep your weight stable if this is advised? Mr Tariq Ahmad finds that his Cambridge cosmetic surgery patients are so pleased with the results that they happily make changes to maintain them post-surgery.

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