Top 10 practical cosmetic surgery tips

In his Cambridge cosmetic surgery clinic, Mr Tariq Ahmad is often asked for practical advice on making the process run as smoothly as possible.

1. Quit smoking ahead of surgery.

Nicotine in the bloodstream can increase risk during surgery. Furthermore, smoking can delay the healing the process. Mr Ahmad advises his Cambridge patients to abstain from all nicotine products at least a fortnight before their cosmetic surgery.

2. Clear your diary.

Your surgeon will give you a clear idea in your consultation about how much time you need to take off work, but as a general guide you should allow two weeks before resuming most normal activities.

3. Dress sensibly.

Think about the clothing you take to the hospital as you will feel tender and groggy. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and button-up shirts to avoid pulling anything over your head.

4. Organise an escort.

Make sure you have someone to take you home afterwards and stay with you for the first 24 to 48 hours.

5. Fill your freezer with meals.

You won’t feel like cooking after your cosmetic surgery but you need to eat to help your recovery.

6. Throw in some ice packs too.

Applied to swollen cheeks or chest, ice packs can help bring the swelling down. Your surgeon will give you application instructions.

7. Organise cover for your responsibilities.

Don’t try to muddle on through as you will only slow down the healing process. Childcare, walking the dog – line up someone else to do it.

8. Get in supplies for some sofa time.

Magazines, DVD box sets, some page-turning novels – anything that encourages you to take it easy.

9. Have nutritious drinks and snacks on standby.

After cosmetic surgery, your body needs nutrients to help it heal quickly.

10. Follow your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions.

Your cosmetic surgeon is best placed to give you specific guidance on aftercare. Adhering to their advice will propel you towards a full and speedy recovery.

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