Top 3 steps before deciding on cosmetic surgery

1. Think hard

Whether or not to have cosmetic surgery is not a light decision and it is one that only you can make. Ask yourself exactly what it is that you do not like about that area of your body, in what way you would like it to be enhanced, and what impact you expect the change to have on your life. During the Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation with Mr Tariq Ahmad, you will explore all of these matters. Patients who do not have a clear and specific idea of their dislikes and their hopes are more likely to be dissatisfied with the results, and to this end Mr Tariq Ahmad will only proceed when he is confident that his patients’ expectations are tangible.

2. Do your research

Make sure you that you are aware of what is involved, both in terms of the actual procedure and the recovery. There is risk attached to any kind of surgery and it is important that you understand what can go wrong. Discussing methods, aftercare and risks are all part of the cosmetic surgery consultation but you will get more out of it if you go prepared with a researched list of questions.

3. Know your surgeon

Find out about your surgeon’s qualifications, reputation and their experience. You need to feel confident that you will be in safe, skilled hands and that you are never hurried or pressurised into making a decision. Mr Tariq Ahmad sees all his Cambridge patients personally at the consultation stage. This is your opportunity to ask about his experience of the procedure, to see photos of patients who have previously undergone cosmetic surgery, and to talk at length about your expectations. Only through doing this can you make an informed and confident decision.

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