Top 3 tips to get physically fit for cosmetic surgery

When patients attending Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge clinic ask how they can get ready for cosmetic surgery, he answers that there are many practical things they can do – but one of the most important measures is preparing your body. Not only will physical readiness help you bounce back quickly after surgery, but it will help you achieve the optimal results, too.

1. Get to your ideal weight before cosmetic surgery.

If you are overweight, shifting those pounds is always going to be a good thing for your heart, your joints and your overall health. When you are soon to have surgery under general anaesthetic, the benefits are more immediate: patients with a high BMI carry a greater risk of complication.

Perhaps one of the greatest motivators is that losing excess weight pre-cosmetic surgery will deliver the better aesthetic results: further weight loss and resulting excess skin may compromise your new firmer, more pleasing contours. So for body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck or a body lift, get in the best shape you can.

2. Quit smoking.

As with being your ideal weight, your body would warmly welcome the departure of cigarettes from its life – and you would slow down the signs of ageing too. If you’re investing in anti-ageing cosmetic surgery, such as a facelift or eyelid surgery, then you’re going to want to protect your investment.

Removing nicotine from your bloodstream before you have surgery is very important as its presence can cause complications with the anaesthetic. Furthermore, smoking can slow down the healing process, too. Mr Tariq Ahmad advises his Cambridge patients to abstain from smoking at least two weeks prior to their cosmetic surgery.

3. Go on a health kick.

Most cosmetic surgery procedures are comparatively straightforward and safe when under the care of an experienced team of highly qualified surgeons and anaesthetists – you will discuss potential risks at your consultation. However, being fit and in good health will help your body cope with surgery and to heal quickly afterwards. So, get eating nutritiously and embrace an active lifestyle and you will sooner enjoy the results.

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