Top 4 tips for cosmetic surgery satisfaction

jumping for joyPlanning your cosmetic surgery can be an exciting time. For people who have long felt self-conscious about a part of their body, be it small breasts, a misshapen nose or drooping eyelids, simply making the choice to have surgery can bring with it a sense of relief. It is not unusual, however, for there to be some niggling doubts mixed in with the enthusiastic anticipation: what if I don’t like the results? Here are four tips on achieving a positive outcome.

1. Choose your surgeon with care.

Finding the right cosmetic surgeon is perhaps the most important task. To give you confidence in their surgical skill and safety record, choose a surgeon who is a member of a prestigious professional body such as BAAPS or BAPRAS. Furthermore, you need to feel that your surgeon is giving you honest advice and that you feel under no pressure to make any decisions or commitments.

2. Know what to expect.

It is not uncommon to feel vulnerable during your cosmetic surgery journey and surprises can be unsettling. Having a clear idea of what the procedure involves, what the potential risks and complications are, and how onerous the recovery is will equip you for the journey ahead. Cambridge surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad encourages his patients to ask many questions to enable them to make informed, confident decisions.

3. If you need to lose weight, lose it now.

One of the best ways to preserve the aesthetic results of your cosmetic surgery is to maintain a steady weight. Fluctuations can stretch the skin and undermine your surgeon’s work. If you plan on losing weight, do it in advance of your surgery.

4. Keep those expectations realistic.

During your Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will ask you about your objectives – and emphasise the importance of understanding the limitations of surgery. In his experience, those patients who have realistic expectations are significantly happier with the results.

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