Top 5 tips for safe cosmetic surgery

A primary concern for many people considering cosmetic surgery is safety. Here are five questions to help you make a responsible and safe decision.

1. Are you fully informed about your cosmetic surgery procedure?

By undergoing cosmetic surgery you are making permanent changes and asking a lot of your body so it is vital that you know exactly what is involved. Read up on the procedure, talk to other people who have had it, and ask plenty of questions of your surgeon. (Mr Tariq Ahmad suggests that prospective patients come to his Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation with a prepared list of questions.)

2. What do you know of your cosmetic surgeon?

When putting your health and your looks in the hands of a surgeon, you will want to feel confident that you can trust them. It is therefore imperative that you meet the surgeon you will be performing the procedure at the consultation stage; steer clear of an arrangement where you meet a representative instead. Check that your surgeon is registered with the GMC and that they are recommended by BAAPS.

3. Where will the cosmetic surgery take place?

Does it meet the government welfare standards set out by the Care Quality Commission? In Cambridge’s top private hospitals where Mr Tariq Ahmad performs cosmetic surgery you can be sure you will be in the care of highly skilled and qualified doctors and nurses.

4. How can you best prepare your body for cosmetic surgery?

All surgery carries a risk but there are things you can do to minimise this. Follow your surgeon’s pre-operative advice to the letter and quit smoking in the run up. A high BMI increases the risk of complications so, if you need to, lose some weight.

5. Is it this your decision?

Finally, it must be your choice to go ahead with surgery. No reputable cosmetic surgeon will put pressure on you to commit to something you are uncertain about. If you feel at all coerced, find another surgeon.

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