Top 5 tips to help you prepare for cosmetic surgery

1. Find a cosmetic surgeon you trust:

Having confidence in your surgeon’s abilities is paramount to your feeling comfortable on the day of the procedure so choose your surgeon with care. Do they have all the appropriate qualifications and expertise? Do you like their bedside manner? Do you trust them to be honest with you?

2. Make the most of your cosmetic surgery consultation:

Tthis is an invaluable opportunity to quiz your surgeon on their practice and the details of the procedure. Mr Tariq Ahmad finds that his cosmetic surgery candidates who have done their research in advance, and come with a list of prepared questions, leave their Cambridge consultation with a much clearer idea of what lies ahead. It is also the time to ensure that patients have realistic objectives and understand the limitations of surgery.

3. Research what to expect after your cosmetic surgery:

During your Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation, Mr Ahmad will talk you through the recovery and aftercare, advising what you should expect to feel and for how long, and what you will and will not be able to do in the aftermath of surgery. In addition to this you can find out online about other people’s post-operative experiences.

4. Think ‘practicalities’:

Accept that you are going to be out of action for a little while and, depending on your commitments and dependants, line up some help at home. You will require help to get home after your cosmetic surgery and then some TLC for the first couple of days. Fill your freezer and your cupboards, and get in any supplies you will need for your recovery, for example, ice packs.

5. Nurture your body after cosmetic surgery:

Prepare yourself for the strains of cosmetic surgery by being fit and healthy. Those patients who are in top physical condition are able to cope with and bounce back after surgery much better. Get fit, eat well, and rest up.

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