What checks should I do on my cosmetic surgeon?

Finding a cosmetic surgeon that you can communicate easily with and trust implicitly is the first, most important step in ensuring the eventual success of whichever cosmetic surgery procedure you choose.

Good communication is key because you have to be able to articulate clearly exactly what feature of your face or body is bothering you, how you would like it to change and, sometimes even more importantly, what you don’t want to happen. If you’re not able to articulate this to your cosmetic surgeon they may be reluctant to proceed with the surgery.

Cambridge cosmetic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad will sometimes advise his cosmetic surgery patients that they take some time to think about exactly what they wish to achieve with cosmetic surgery procedure before they take this step. This is because they do now wish their patients to ever regret their decision, but also if you’re not clear on what you wish to change then you may deem the procedure a failure, however ‘successful’ it may be perceived by others.

A cosmetic surgeon of Mr Ahmad’s standing always offers a lengthy consultation to allow enough time for him to assess the expectations of the patient and whether they are realistic.

How do I assess my cosmetic surgeon’s expertise?

If you are lucky then you will have recommendations from maybe a friend or family member, but often people may wish not to discuss whether they may have had cosmetic surgery or not. Your GP may be a valuable source of information, but that is not always the case. In this instance, the internet is often where a prospective cosmetic surgery patient will find their surgeon.

A local cosmetic surgeon is usually best, as they are situated nearby for any follow-up appointments and to monitor your aftercare closely. Most complications are rare following a cosmetic surgery procedure, but if something does occur then having your cosmetic surgeon on hand is crucial for the best management of the problem. Mr Tariq Ahmad who offers cosmetic surgery in Cambridge and Peterborough, operates from the top private hospitals in the area and also holds an important consultant plastic surgeon position at the Addenbrooke’s NHS hospital, Cambridge.

Once you have identified your local cosmetic surgeon, then you can do some research on them in advance of your consultation. You should look for a cosmetic surgeon who has held or does hold a consultant plastic surgeon position in the NHS. Membership of independent plastic surgery organisations are also a good indication to their experience and expertise. For example, Cambridge cosmetic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad is a member of BAAPS and BAPRAS which are the UK’s leading plastic surgery associations.

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