What CoolSculpting is – and what it isn’t

What CoolSculpting is – and what it isn’t

What CoolSculpting is... and what it isn'tWe’re delighted to be able to offer our clients the latest and most effective treatment in fat reduction – CoolSculpting. There’s been a lot of buzz about it in both the aesthetic and celebrity world, and a lot of people have displayed an interest in it. So it makes sense to spell out what it actually does.

Let’s begin by pointing out what CoolSculpting isn’t: a quick-fix remedy for dramatic weight loss. If you’re overweight and desperately want to lose a lot of fat in one go, you need to consider liposuction, which will suck it out. Obviously, there’s a lot of invasive surgery and downtime involved, and you’ll be expected to adhere to an exercise and diet regime afterwards if you don’t want that fat to return.

CoolSculpting finishes the job you’ve already started

However, if you are already taking care of your body through exercise and diet, but are finding certain areas where the fat just won’t shift – under the arms, in the ‘muffin top’ area and even under the chin – CoolSculpting is the best procedure available.

A completely non-invasive and far less painful alternative, CoolSculpting hones and shapes the targeted areas by safely freezing the fat cells therein, so they are naturally eliminated by the body in the weeks that follow.

Frozen fat cells never return

Obviously, this isn’t a free pass to skip the gym and load up on calories: while you will have less fat cells in problem areas, the cells that are left will still expand if you drop your current fitness regime. But for people who need help with body-shaping with problem areas, it’s an absolute boon.

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