What makes a suitable breast augmentation candidate?

Women presenting at Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge breast augmentation clinic largely fall into two camps: those who have always had very small breasts, and those whose yearn for the breasts of their pre-pregnant self. For both groups, a breast augmentation can be transformative, producing natural-looking beautiful results at the same time as giving self-confidence a real boost. So when is surgery right for you?

Are you in good health?

All surgery carries an element of risk, however routine it may be. One way of reducing this risk is by ensuring you are in expert, experienced hands. Of equal importance is being in good health which is imperative where general anaesthesia is involved. During your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will take your medical history before conducting a physical examination. He will want to rule out any health conditions that make you high risk, and will guide you on any medications/supplements to avoid. Mr Ahmad asks his patients to quit smoking at least a fortnight before their surgery and in the peri-operative period as nicotine in the bloodstream can not only cause complications with the general anaesthetic but also slows down the healing process.

Are you being honest with yourself?

Mr Ahmad also discusses motivations and expectations with his Cambridge breast augmentation patients, emphasising that any cosmetic surgery decisions must be informed, independent and unhurried ones. Do you understand what is involved? Are you aware of potential risks? Are you prepared to follow your surgeon’s pre-op and post-op instructions on smoking, avoiding exercise, etc.? Is your decision to have a breast augmentation your own decision or do you feel pressurised into it? Are you aware of the limitations of surgery? Do you have a realistic expectation of the outcomes? Answer these honestly and you can feel more confident about making a decision that is right for you.

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