What questions should I ask during a cosmetic surgery consultation?

Your cosmetic surgery consultation is an incredibly important part of the whole process and your satisfaction with the results depends to some extent on how successful the consultation is. The cosmetic surgery consultation is your opportunity to ask the right questions.

# 1: What experience do you have in this particular procedure?

Patients who present to the Cambridge cosmetic surgery clinic of Mr Tariq Ahmad often have done research in advance of the consultation so have a clear idea of what procedure they will likely need. It is a good idea to keep an open mind though as Mr Tariq Ahmad may, on the basis of your discussion and physical assessment, advise you that you need a different procedure or maybe a combination of different ops to get the best result.

A cosmetic surgeon is able to operate on all areas of the face and body so it is really important – once the correct procedure has been identified – to ask how much experience they have in that particular procedure.

# 2: What are the risks of that particular cosmetic surgery procedure?

Any cosmetic surgery procedure that involves a general anaesthetic will entail some risk due to the fact that incisions will be made that can result in infections and other complications and risk associated with the anaesthetic itself.

However, each cosmetic surgery procedure entails risks particular to the procedure itself, depending on the feature of the face or body that is being operated on. Mr Tariq Ahmad always ensures that his Cambridge cosmetic surgery patients are well aware of all potential risks and complications of a cosmetic surgery procedure as well as the benefits before they make the decision to go ahead.

# 3: Where will my cosmetic surgery procedure be performed?

Your cosmetic surgeon is the most important factor in your procedure, but it is also good to check out where the cosmetic surgery procedure will be performed and, therefore, the calibre of care you will be given, both during the procedure and after. Mr Tariq Ahmad only operates at the top private hospitals in the Cambridge area, so you can be assured that your cosmetic surgery care will be of a high quality.

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