Will my breast augmentation scars ruin the effect?

Will my breast augmentation scars ruin the effect?

will my breast augmentation scars ruin the effect?Breast augmentation scars are a concern for many who are considering the procedure.

For some women, feelings of self-consciousness about their breasts have been ever present since puberty: they started small and they stayed small. For others, the embarrassment comes later on in life, where breasts that were once full and pert have drooped pitifully.

In both these situations, a breast augmentation can produce beautiful and natural looking results – and do even more for a woman’s self-esteem. When considering if the procedure is the answer for them, many women naturally come to the question of scarring and if it could detract from the pleasing nature of their new shape?

What breast augmentation scars can I expect?

There are many variations on a breast augmentation, including whether the implant is placed above or beneath the muscle, which size implant, what the implant is made of, where the incisions will be, and so on.

Breast augmentation techniques are ever evolving with new and improved methods to create attractive results with fewer side effects. During your consultation with Cambridge cosmetic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad, you will talk through every aspect of your surgery.

After a physical assessment of your frame and a discussion about your objectives, highly experienced Mr Ahmad will tailor a surgical plan to your needs. He will explain where the incisions will be made and how these are done to heal as discreetly as possible, ensuring that breast augmentation scars are minimised.

Once they have had their consultation, most women feel reassured that the scars will be limited, discreet – and a small price to pay for the improved bust shape.

Find a skilled surgeon

There is an art – and a great deal of skill – in producing fine, barely discernable scars so take the time to choose a surgeon whose training is up to the minute and who has performed countless breast augmentations.

Cambridge-based Mr Ahmad will gladly share photos of previous patients’ procedures so you can have a clear idea of the degree of scarring you should expect.

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