Will I regret not choosing larger breast implants?

breast implantsEach year, more women are choosing to have a breast augmentation. Whether it is because their small breasts have long embarrassed them, or their post-baby breasts make them yearn for the fuller cleavage they once enjoyed, or simply that they want a more generous bust, implants have delivered attractive results for tens of thousands of women in the UK.

Breast implants come in a variety of shapes, textures and sizes – and a concern commonly voiced in Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge breast augmentation clinic is: to avoid disappointment, isn’t it better to go bigger?

Which are the right breast implants for me?

When it comes to implants, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The right implants for you will depend on your individual frame and your goals. During your breast augmentation consultation, Cambridge surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad will discuss your motivations for surgery before conducting a physical examination.

He will then show you the range of implants he prefers to use, explaining his choice of texture and material, and the shape – teardrop or round – that will best achieve your goals. Mr Ahmad will also advise you on the size of implant most appropriate for your frame, warning that choosing overly large implants can not only cause physical problems such as neck and back strain but that the results may not look as natural and as part of you as you had hoped.

Choose a surgeon you trust

Trust between patient and cosmetic surgeon is crucial. Not only do you need to know that they have the skill and training to produce the desired outcome, but that they have good judgment and an artistic eye. Furthermore, a good surgeon will have the experience to give you candid advice, allowing you to make the best breast augmentation decisions for yourself.

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