Will it be possible to know if a person has undergone Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge?

One of the common fears that hold people back from having cosmetic surgery is a worry that others will be able to tell that they’ve had a procedure. Mr Tariq Ahmad sees many men and women for consultations at his Cosmetic Surgery practice in Cambridge, who have spent many years of distress and unhappiness because of a perceived fault, but they have been held back by this fear.

The mark of a good plastic surgeon is their ability to create a beautiful enhancement that, above all, looks natural. That is certainly the philosophy of a surgeon such as Mr Tariq Ahmad who offers the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face and body from his private plastic surgery practice in Cambridge.

Will the scarring be obvious after Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge?

Patients are often worried that Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge will leave very obvious scarring. The best plastic surgeons will be able to hide the scars as much as possible and when they heal fully they should not be noticeable. They will also be able to give you invaluable advice on the post-operative recovery period and how best to optimise the results of the surgery.

Only your closest friends and family will know that you’ve had plastic surgery. People who know you less well, will more than likely you’ve lost weight, been on holiday or caught up on sleep.

Where should you undergo cosmetic surgery?

In the Cambridge area, you should look for an experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeon such as Mr Tariq Ahmad who is able to perform a wide range of procedures that enhance the face and body. It is important that they fully understand your desire for a natural, refreshed look and you can assess this by the rapport you have in the consultation and also by asking to see their before and afters of previous patients.

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