Will I still look like me after my nose job?

Will I still look like me after my nose job?

Will I still look like me after my nose job?Living with a nose you dislike is so difficult because you can’t cover it up. For some people, their nose is the source of acute self-consciousness and they may have spent years dreaming of having a nose job.

An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can make subtle, effective changes that smooth out the troublesome bumps, humps and irregularities.

Those considering a nose job are likely to feel certain that they will look better when those changes have been made, but a question often heard in Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge rhinoplasty clinic is: ‘will I still look like me?’

How do I know what to expect of my nose job results?

During your Cambridge rhinoplasty consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will talk you through the entire process, first asking what has brought you to the decision to have cosmetic surgery and what you are hoping will change after it.

He will discuss the potential risks and complications and detail what a rhinoplasty requires in terms of preparation and recovery. After an examination of your nose and facial structures, Mr Ahmad will give you a clear idea of what changes can be made to achieve your goals and how much difference surgery can make.

How can I ensure a happy outcome?

Any good surgeon will tell you that having realistic expectations will lead to a more satisfied outcome.

They will also tell you that after your nose job there follows a period of adjustment, where both your new nose shape settles into its final form, and where you become acquainted with the new reflection in the mirror.

Finally, place yourself and your looks in the hands of someone with great experience of this particular procedure as it is one of the more complex cosmetic surgeries – and a specialist will be able to make subtle changes that work in harmony with the rest of your face.

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